Version 0.5 is up

Yeah, this was a really fast update, i had some free time today, so i decided to make a score system, a ball limit and get rid of  "press T to spawn paddles". 

So, in this version you get 3 balls at the start and can spawn them as you want, every brick you destroy give you 10 points and every 100 points you get an extra ball, try to get as many points as you can ^^

Next update may take longer since i dont know if there is much to do before making levels and menus and getting this in version 1.0


PongOut 0.5.1 - 7 MB
Mar 19, 2018
PongOut 0.5.1 - 9 MB
Mar 19, 2018
PongOut 0.5.1 - 23 MB
Mar 19, 2018
PongOut 0.1.1 - 9 MB
Mar 19, 2018

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